• ---Heroes and Influences

    Lynda Benglis
    “I still think of myself as a painter for some reason. I think I’m painting with liquids but making objects that are dimensional, that have a sense of their own space but demand some viewing in terms of walking around the piece.”
    Lynda Benglis says she paints with three-dimensional brushstrokes and termed her well-known wall-mounted relief sculptures, paintings.

    Art Forum

    Richard Tuttle


  • ---Biography
    Simone Catharine Riford is part of the sixth generation of her family born and raised in Hawai’i. She is very proud of her family history and her forefather’s achievements. So far she has held her own. Moving to Texas to attend college at Texas Christian University, mostly because of the TCU Women’s Rifle Team, she co-founded TCU’s first studio art student organization (ArtOrg), helped the rifle team win the 2010 National Championships, met President Obama at the White House with other National Champions, won the Mountain West Conference Scholar Athlete of the Year award, and graduated with Magna Cum Laude Honors. For two years after graduating she worked as a self-employed freelancer in the Dallas/Fort Worth area- Studio Assistant for artist John Holt Smith, Gallery Director at Casa Mañana Gallery in Casa Mañana Theatre, after school art teacher at Bedford Heights Elementary School, Bartender at Showdown, art packer for a moving company, art installer for individuals and businesses, and “Artist” (businessman, marketer, creator). Currently Simone is loving the position of "Assistant Photographer" at the Pier 1 Imports headquarters building in downtown Fort Worth. She gets to do everything she loves to do everyday! Simone loves to keep busy, her hands are always in motion. While waiting for food to arrive in restaurants Simone folds little paper “footballs” out of straw wrappers and paper napkin rings. She doesn’t look like she’s from Hawai’i but if you listen to her for a little while you’ll notice her relaxed speech patterns. Even that can be confusing sometimes because her Texas drawl will reveal itself in rare moments. She will return to Hawai’i when she can afford to buy milk for $8 a gallon because she misses getting muddy in the search for a hidden waterfall, basking in the sun, and admiring the power of the ocean when body boarding.